The Toronto real estate market experienced a small period of low actions and low prices at the end of 2008 and starting of 2009. The sales of real estate in Toronto increase speed in the spring of 2009 and the year 2009 ended with up to17 percent increase in the amount of sold properties from the year 2008.Many of real estate experts were expected that the start of Toronto Land Transfer Tax will be cause of constraint on the real estate activity and they also expected that without this tax the sale graph will be strong.In the year of 2009 the stock of real estate in Toronto was very low because of the low stock the bidding war starts particularly in the innermost districts. Now the interest rates in Toronto decreases this thing encourage the buyers to buy a new homes for themselves. The low interest rate in real estates also encourages hesitant buyers to start a search for new home.

The market conditions of real estate in Toronto changed in the year of 2010. The first four months of the year 2010 the sales were very low. The sales increase the fall of the year 2010. The sales which increase in the fall sustains till the end of next year. The average price of real estate in Toronto increased nine percent, the prices were $431,463. Many of the real estate experts hoped that an increase in real estate listings in the spring will maintain balanced market conditions which would result in 2011 price increases in a reasonable five percent range.There are various factors which play an important role in the market of real estate in Toronto. The first factor is the interest rates stay still low, decreasing the real price of purchasing a house, townhouse, condo apartment or loft, at least for the length of the mortgage time. The new increases have not decrease the activity down in any major way, and also not a remarkably reduced affordability.

The second factor is the economic conditions, the third factor which plays its important role is young people, foreigners and immigrants who are increasing the demand but old people stays longer in their homes because they are satisfied with their old living styles.The land values are highly increasing in the Toronto. The increased land values will also increase the prices of property. Increases in single family development charges in the Toronto city will also increase the price of recently constructed house which is already suffering from the higher materials and energy prices. New Toronto Land Transfer Tax was started in 2009 and also Harmonized Sales Tax introduced into result in July of last year. The Harmonized Sales Tax does not have a great impact on purchases of resale homes, other than addition to the closing prices but it affected the buyers of a newly constructed homes.Real estate always remains a strong investment. The value of houses in Toronto increased almost 118 percent since the March 1996.

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