It’s vital to hire top sales representatives who have imperical experience in closing sales to speed up your company’s sales to the next degree within a quick time interval. This may sound obvious. Even if you agree with this, we all know that attracting highly efficient and result oriented sales people is anything but easy. However, it is undoubtedly possible to get it rightThrough careful planning and methodical application of sound hiring techniques it is possibe to attract and hire not only people skilled in sales, but people who can inspire the other members of your sales team to increase their own performance as well.

A latest study has shown that close to 57 percent of all sales recruiting endeavours often lead to mis-hires. What this means is that you may make a costly mistake half the time, a mistake that will cost you sales and eat into your profits. It might be months before to realize that you have hired the wrong sales man or woman, which can result in a substantial loss for you in terms of dollars and time.

However, you should not fear as you can easily avoid these mistakes though hiring sales personnel, as long as it is possible for you to recognize the possible pitfalls and can work in a proactive way to remove them.

Here we are listing few guidelines that can assist you in making top hires:

1. Fully grasp your requirements- You should begin by developing a clear job description that identifies the experience and key skills you are interested in, the ideal candidate profile (farmer vs hunter), the marketing setting, performance metrics for this sales spot and the sales objectives. This many sound easy, but if these steps are skipped, then you may end with almost nothing to match the candidates against-and that’s a ideal recipe for disaster.

2. Sell the job-If you are engaged in attracting the best talent. You must take time to develop and promote your corporation’s story, its vision. it’s USP. What strategies you have to win in the target markets? What incentives and growth possibilities you have for top performers? What characteristics make your business a great location to work? Are you offering just a sales job or a real big opportunity?

3. Try to recognize the traits and skills of real performers. Many sales managers often hire inefficient sales reps that are stereotypes of top sales rep. These managers feel that if any person can successfully sell himself in an interview, then he can become a top performer. But this is wrong. You really should look for the following skills.

Motivation To Succeed
Traits Skills
Empathy Listening

4. Look at the right locations- Even in this economy, all top sales people are already working and probably not looking, so how will you attract the top talent? Well, begin by discovering the names of top performers of your competitors. By utilizing your industry contacts, get referrals, as most top hires come through people you already know. You can even target top reps working in organizations that are selling the complementary products in your target markets.

5. Devise a rigorous hiring process and stick to it. Hiring top talent requires time, energy and commitment. You should build a right interview team, gather sales accomplishment history from all the candidates as all top performers normally have this info. Hiring top sales people is not easy, but you can surely achieve it if you are genuinely committed to the growth of your firm.

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