Patient Management System – Makes it Easy for the Doctors

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Recent years, in almost every country in the world, substantial financial resources have been allocated to the health care sector. Technological development andmodern medicine practices are amongst the outstanding factors triggering this shift. Developed countries are currently facing a middle-and older-aged marketplace from a predominantly youth-driven marketplace. This trend is resulting in a greater demand for health care-related services and greater competition among health care providers.PMS (Patient Management System) is used in Hospital, Clinics, Medical centers, Medical Colleges. This system makes the medical segments work easier and faster. It helps the management or the person in charge to work with ease. It is used by doctors for managing their patients and cases. It helps doctor for making reports of their patients. Billing and Accounting module helps to maintain records of all fees and other costs of the clinic. It maintains history of all patientsand this helps the doctor to better understand the case.

Patient Management System is made up of the following modules:

  • Patient Registration
  • Reporting
  • Billing
  • Accounting

Some of the salient features of the system are:

  • Online Access from anywhere using internet
  • Report templates for easy and fast reporting of tests done
  • Maintains history of patients
  • Web-based software
  • It is easy to install
  • Easy customizable features

Patient management systems are used to provide healthcare staff with information about patients and their medical history. The system stores information electronically so that it is available to the health care staff whenever and wherever they need it. It can store full records for patients attending hospital from referral or unscheduled admission through their inpatient and outpatient care and eventual discharge and allow the information to be shared securely across the staff providing patient care and with the use of internet, it will improve communication. With the help of a PMS, the entire healthcare system will improve along with the effectiveness of patient care. Patient information will only need to be entered once to the system to make it immediately accessible by authorized staff in other hospital departments. The functions of the new system include: general hospital patient administration with complex scheduling, clinical support tools, order communications functionality and results reporting.The system benefits patients and staff by providing better management of bookings and appointments, faster treatment decisions, faster test results, better information sharing, and freeing up staff to carry out more direct patient care.

Some of the benefits of associated with using a PMS are:

  • Operational, clerical and technical processes and procedure simplified which reduces the operating expenses and various cost elements such as stationary, which is the most unimportant cost element among many others
  • Less hassle in managing the complete EMR system based on advance technology rather than managing more employees, their salaries and working with humans basically
  • Streamlining of all the patient related procedures in which not much of the physicians or doctor’s input is required and everything is automated
  • All the departments in the hospital or medical institution connected through EMR system to fasten all the systems and procedures
  • A way easier diagnosis and treatment suggestion to the physicians using EMR system
  • More secure data and information than the paper based records.


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