Stop, Think and then Choose a CMS

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Adopting a CMS solution is not easy, a definite analysis based on the business requirements must be conducted before zeroing in any one CMS. Our CMS developers have populated a list of the most common client feedback that they have received over a period of time.

  • Some businesses complained of the complex technology of tools provided for add/delete of text, images, videos, approvals. Instead they have suggested that a simpler tool for completing all these task would be preferred.
  • A few clients had problems with a button on screen and didn’t wanted it to appear.
  • Asking the rationale behind clicking three times for executing a task rather than just adopting a single click functionality.
  • Looking for an option to get the CMS solution reviewed by the product vendor or some independent CMS experts to reassure themselves of the quality of the CMS.

The usability of a CMS is an area where businesses pay a lot of attention before making their final decisions. It is one of the basic issues facing the businesses when the question regarding which CMS should the businesses choose. Ideally, the usability factor should be paid attention right from the point of project initiation and when the CMS designing is underway, a deliberate attempt towards it must be managed.

The features in a CMS that must be analyzed before adoption require the Business-As-Usual operations to be reviewed. It’s related with the structure that must be designed in such a way so as to make it incredibly easy for the users. All the tools should be compiled in a systematic way at the Dashboard. The launch of content through the dashboard becomes accessible and instinctive.

Tools which users prefer to be included in their dashboard are:

  • Content items edited recently
  • Favorite content items
  • Favorite folders
  • Content waiting for approval
  • Ability to launch site in preview or edit mode
  • Expired content notifications
  • Training videos for easy reference
  • Content Analytics

When a custom CMS development is underway, It’s advised that majority of the functionalities should be present at the dashboards to make content management easy.

The integration of CMS functionality with site appearance is preferred by the users. This way the users get more accustomed to the site and find it relatively easy to accomplish their tasks. The site wide preview is thus recommended to be re-checked by the business and be sure of its utility.

It is effortless to get accustomed to a website but users can face hurdles in getting settled with the content modules in a CMS. The users in a business generally are comfortable editing the site only after they visit it themselves. This process may look time consuming to some analysts but the experience of users is predominantly pleasant throughout.

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