Magento Pre Launch Checklist

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Magento is a great ecommerce platform and easy to manage too. If you are slightly aware of the code development and can read/comprehend some PHP codes, then installing and configuring Magento can be a sweet tooth. Expert Magento developers don’t need supervision or regulations but a little checklist for the newbies can be of great help. I have listed some points that can serve as a checklist for the Magento developers and can help them to move their store from development to production. Please note that not all of the points mentioned below are mandatory. Some can be skipped depending upon their custom requirements.

1. Updating base URLs so that they do not keep pointing back to the staging server. I remember a tragic incident when the developer forgot to change the link of a “Checkout” button, and that cost his client six months of advertisement. PATH – System → Configuration → Web

2. Update the title & Metadata for search engines. Do not use default values. PATH – SEO System → Configuration → General → Design → HTML Head

3. Make a placeholder image specifically for your site, do not use a “NO IMAGE” image. Make the website unique and refreshing. PATH – System → Configuration → Catalog → Catalog → Product Image Placeholders

4. For security reasons, change the default path of administrative panel. Normally it is something like – Make it something difficult to hack like – PATH – System → Configuration → Advanced → Admin → Admin Base URL

5. Optimize the Javascripts. Search engine spiders/programs/algorithms or crawlers do not like junk. Special notations and characters, loops and confusing texts are a total NO-NO for them. They might read and try to encrypt the JS codes but they might not as well. So optimize the store by flushing all S codes into one file. PATH – System → Configuration → Developer → JavaScript Settings

6. So you have got rid of JS codes, but still see a lot of “CODE” instead of content that may contain keywords for the search engines and information for the general user. Well, try to get rid of CSS codes. And compress it too. PATH – System → Configuration → Developer → CSS Settings

7. Clean your log files daily to make space for more important details. PATH – System → Configuration → Advanced → System → Log cleaning

The above are just a few of a huge checklist, which rather world be more accurate and hence jotting those down would cost me a huge amount of time, so I’d share it in phases. I hope my readers will appreciate the efforts and I’d look forward to their comments. Their ideas would help me to draft my next articles as per their expectations.

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