How to Choose the Best Warehouse Services?

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There are many Warehouse Services offering services which can vary based on many factors. Choosing the right service for your company can make a huge difference in efficiency and protection. If you want to succeed with this aspect of your business, it is important that you make the right choice. Here are 5 most important factors to be considered when evaluating different warehouses.

1. Efficient Management System Look for a service that uses a Warehouse Management System for efficient tracking and monitoring. The system should allow you to access data on your goods and shipments from anywhere. This means that you can always track the status of your goods. These systems also feature barcode tracking that further help ensure that your goods are properly cared for. All this means more peace of mind and the assurance that your goods are always safe. Monitoring and tracking also helps you inform your buyers about the status.

2. Proximity to Your Market It will help you reduce the costs when you choose Warehouse Services which are located close to your targeted market. Some of the other related factors that can help you include:

• The warehouse should be located in an easily accessible area

• It should be connected through different modes of transportation

• All communication mediums should be readily available It is preferred to choose a warehouse that is located close to railway stations, highways, seaports, and airports.

3. Safety & Security When it comes to Third Party Logistics India, you should never choose a company without evaluating the safety and security systems they have put in place.

• There should be 24-hour security systems in place

• There should be security camera monitoring and onsite security staff • The company should explain the steps they have taken to keep your goods safe Safety is another area that should be addressed. And this refers to the safety of the staff handling your goods. A warehouse usually involves fast import/export times and the use of heavy machinery. The staff should be well trained and there should be stringent safety protocols and gear to keep them safe at all times.

4. Insurance Coverage The ideal protection system also includes insurance coverage. Your goods are valuable to your business. Look for Supply Chain Companies In India that provide insurance cover against the items they store. The insurance should cover all types of events including natural incidents such as:

• Earthquakes

• Floods

• Storms

It is natural that damages due to theft and even neglect should be covered. In fact, there isn’t much point in choosing a service that doesn’t offer total insurance cover. Besides coverage and all the security system, the right Warehouse Services will have an emergency protocol for handling different situations. They should be always prepared for potential emergencies. There should be policies in place to handle fires, accidents, floods, and any kind of disaster.

5. Receiving & Pickup Processes You should also check the receiving and pickup processes when choosing Warehouse Services. You should enquire about their policies before considering hiring their services.

Receiving Process:

• Do they inspect and verify goods right after arrival?

• Do they move the goods to the appropriate storage space immediately?

Picking Process:

The efficiency of Supply Chain Companies In India depend a lot on the time they spend on picking orders. Check how they organize it so that you can create pick lists to save both time and resources. So make user to consider all these factors when choosing the right Warehouse Services. It will be even better if you choose a service that has experience working in your industry. They will have both the knowledge and resources to store and ship your goods.

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